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** Pricing is subject to the Quote Parameters as listed below.

DISCLAIMER: Your electrical panel may need to be upgraded before an EV charging station can be installed. Split buss panels present an inherent danger to adding large circuits and must be upgraded.

Quote Parameters

Standard quotes based on the following:

  • customer having sufficient space in their electrical panel, as well as sufficient load capacity for the addition of a charger
  • electrical panel and charging location both being located in a standard attached garage- if either are located elsewhere, charger is to be installed in an apartment or condo complex, or extra equipment or other considerations are required, please note that additional charges may be incurred, but will be discussed with the customer on site.
  • installations involve “surface-mount” conduit, unless otherwise requested (at an additional cost)
  • Additional costs will be approved by the customer and added to the final invoice.
  • Quote includes required electrical permit, design & engineering, labor and materials
  • Quote includes a five (5) year warranty on labor from the date of installation.
  • Quote based on work being performed within Artisan electricians’ regular working hours of Monday through Thursday, 7 am to 5 pm. If customer requires work be done outside of regular hours, additional fees may be incurred. We hope to bring Fridays into our service schedule by 11/1/18 and perhaps 1/1/19 weekend service (at weekend rates) will be possible.
  • Quote excludes all NEC code corrections/upgrades to existing equipment and/or installations beyond the limited scope of work outlined here.
  • Quote excludes applicable state or federal sales taxes.


  • Work area must be accessible and clear of obstacles at the time Artisan Electric arrives,  to accommodate a safe, efficient installation.
  • All new work will be performed to meet the most up to date NEC code, and Artisan Electric shall not be held responsible for pre-existing violations.
  • Proper safety protocol often requires power to be shut off during certain segments of installation- Artisan Electric shall not be responsible for ensuring protection to or re-programming of electronic devices and appliances.
  • Artisan Electric shall not be held liable for errors or omissions in the designs of others, nor defects or inadequacies of materials and/or equipment specified or supplied by others.
  • Pricing subject to review and subsequent revisions after thirty (30) days from issue date.
  • Tesla owners: Tesla requires we supply them information related to the installation of your charging circuit(s).  Artisan Electric will provide them with your name, date of installation, installation cost, and other technical data.
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